Award-Winning Storytelling 

Wagner Brothers is a production company specializing in deep and simple storytelling. Christofer and Benjamin Wagner are currently in production on their second documentary, “Friends & Neighbors.” In 2012, the brothers released their independently made feature documentary “Mister Rogers & Me” which aired nationally on PBS and is available on iTunes and Amazon. 

About Benjamin Wagner

Benjamin Wagner is a consultant, creative and founder of Essential Industries Incorporated, a boutique consulting firm specializing in individual and organizational strategy, transformation, communication and collaboration.

He collects, develops and shares stories and strategies about transformation, and provides Executive Coaching, Facilitation (workshops, retreats, conferences) and Keynote Speaking (conferences, events, etc).

From his half-decade helping launch Facebook’s Journalism Project globally and his tenure transforming MTV News, to his award-winning PBS documentary, Mister Rogers & Me, Friends & Neighbors podcast, or recent album, Constellations, Benjamin’s focus is the essential nature of our shared human experience.

About Christofer Wagner

Christofer Wagner is a Senior Editor at Manhattan Place Entertainment with film and television credits include ESPN, MTV, ABC and A&E.

Chris received a B.A. in Journalism/Political Science from Marietta College in 1990, then spent two years with Cleveland’s Classic Worldwide Productions. In 1992 he joined Broadcast News Networks, Inc., where he edited the Emmy-winning weekly news magazine, “Broadcast New York.”

In 1994, he attended the International Film & TV Workshops in Maine, where he studied with Ralph Rosenblum (“Annie Hall”). He joined Sony Studios in 1996, where he helmed projects for Sony’s leading artists, as well as a diverse slate of programming, including MTV News’ award-winning “Unfiltered,” A&E’s “Investigative Reports” and ABC’s “Monday Night Football.”

In 2008, Wagner joined Reveal 42 (formerly Creative Group) as Senior Editor, continuing his storytelling career with clients including CBS Sports, ESPN, Discovery, and Viacom.